Our Mission

At Creative Compound, we’re experts in producing packaged video and still content that is scalable, flexible, and economical. We understand that it doesn’t have to be expensive to move people, it just has to be real. That’s why we design every aspect of the creative and production strategy around capturing authentic, human moments of lived experience. After more than a decade of producing affordable world-class video, Commercials and still projects for companies, in-house agencies and independent agencies, we’ve learned successful, modern content does more than sell products, it inspires consumers with a vision of themselves that builds brand allegiances to last a lifetime.

Our Story

As a White House photojournalist, Jeff Markowitz was at the top of his game. He regularly flew around the world on Air Force One taking pictures of the world’s most influential leaders, and even received the coveted honor of having his photos appear on the cover of Time magazine twice. And yet in spite of his success, Jeff still had nagging questions about his craft. What was it that distinguished the very best photos from the other tens of thousands? Why did one photo resonate so powerfully, while so many others failed to move people in the same way? The answer would become the DNA that informs Creative Compound.

For Jeff, his very best pictures captured something authentically human about the subject. These photos weren’t merely candid, they revealed an inner life and character that couldn’t be named but universally recognized. That’s when he understood his mission both as an artist and as a producer – to capture moments that reflect our lived experience and render authentic portraits of what it’s like to be human.

Our Company

Today, Jeff, along with his Vice President Ada Gorn and his accomplished team of creative professionals, has expanded his core vision to include unparalleled film and video production. His company, Creative Compound, has spent the last twelve years working with some of the world’s top brands to produce world class commercial packages and brand-specific photo libraries with a distinctly human signature. Jeff and his team's track record of success and his pattern of repeat clients confirms what he learned over twenty years ago – if you want to move people, reveal something human. If you want their hearts and minds, offer them a vision of themselves that makes them feel alive.

Your brand. Visually realized. Let’s make it happen.

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